About Us

Music learnings go beyond being a musician. Music learnings enhance mind focus, personal discipline, music appreciation, creativity, powerful mind in overcoming obstacles and also increase the happiness factor.

[XIN YUE] means Happiness in Music. Music enriches our life, thus the calling for music education.

Music passion synchronizes with our heart. An awesome music teacher understands the student inner thoughts and feelings. Every child is unique. ‘Music within the heart’ leads to longevity of your musical journey.

Music is for everyone, regardless of age. [XIN YUE MUSIC STUDIO] emphasizes on music growth and appreciation for the young. Our course structure comprises of solo teaching, group lesson, as well as ensemble practices once monthly.

Performances opportunities are windows to the greater pathways and journeys for music professionalism achievements. [XIN YUE MUSIC STUDIO] organizes series of performances for the assurances and enablement to every student musical growth journal.

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