Erin Chiang, The Pink Panther

Henry Wang, Romance de Amor

Lam Siew Chang, 爱江山更爱美人

Victoria Huang, Can Can & Lightly Row

Lee Jing Ping, Wildwood Flower

Emanuel Anthony Mariani, Ten Little Red Indians

Lee Hui Ying & Ashwin Venkatesh, Tokyo Bon 2020

Tan Tzee Jen & Yong Junyi, Sonatina Op.38 No.2, Jacques Fereol Mazas

Alan Leong, 月亮代表我的心

Nicole Cai, Butterfly Fly Away

Cayleigh Chong, Medley Of Beatles

Kyla Chong, Jingle Bells & Merry Christmas

Taegan Chong, Are You Sleeping, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Jayden Chin, Jingle Bell, Lightly Row & Happy Birthday

Erin Chiang, My Favourite Things

Stand by Me, Xin Yue Music Studio Ensemble

Carunia, Silent Night

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