Is Taking Vocal Lessons in Singapore Worth it?

Have you recently developed an interest in singing? If so, you are probably wondering how you can improve your voice and perhaps even establish a career as an artist. The easiest way to brush up your singing skills and enhance your vocal cords is to enrol in singing lessons. However, whether or not vocal lessons in Singapore are worth a try will depend on your individual goals and the amount of time and money you are willing to invest. Here are a few reasons why singing lessons in Singapore can be truly worth it.

Improve Your Singing Skills

Singing lessons can help you develop proper technique, enhance your vocal range, and improve your tone and pitch. A good singing teacher can provide personalised instruction and feedback as well as help you identify and correct any counterproductive techniques you may have developed, thus preventing vocal strain and damage. A singing instructor can also teach you different breathing and support techniques that will help you control your breathing and produce a more powerful and consistent sound. They can also help you develop your diction, phrasing, and timing, which will help you convey the meaning and emotion of a song.

Learn Good Vocal Habits

High-quality vocal lessons in Singapore can help you develop good vocal habits that will protect your voice. A professional singing teacher can correct and educate you on components like proper posture, breath control, and how to use your diaphragm to support your singing. How we inhale is the basis of how our vocal cords will produce sound. Therefore, having a deeper understanding of breathing support and resonance will help you establish yourself as a good singer.

Perform Confidently in front of Others

Singing lessons can help you feel more confident and comfortable singing in front of others, which is especially helpful if you are interested in performing in public. If you opt for lessons, you will be able to work on your stage presence, body language, and facial expression, thus aiding you in connecting with an audience and staging an attention-grabbing performance. 

An experienced instructor can help heighten your stage presence and performance skills.  The vocal instructors at Xin Yue Music Studio are capable of teaching you how to project your voice and control your dynamics, which can help you adapt to different performance environments. That’s not all; they can even help you with microphone techniques, which will help you achieve the best sound quality possible, especially in a live setting.

Identify Your Vocal Style

The singing teachers at Xin Yue Studio can assist you in identifying your unique vocal style, giving you a better understanding of how to approach different genres of music and how to project your voice accordingly. They will assist you in discovering the music genres and singing styles that are most comfortable and natural for you. This can include your vocal range, tessitura (the range within which most notes of a vocal part fall), vocal timbre and what kinds of songs you feel most comfortable singing.

Understand The Mechanics

Singing lessons can give you an understanding of the mechanics of how your vocal instrument works, how to care for it, and how to prepare for performances. Lessons are also beneficial for you to develop your skills and understanding of different singing techniques, such as vibrato, vibrato control, vibrato placement, dynamics, and more. This way, you can become more confident in your singing and better understand how to take on multiple genres of music flawlessly.

Get The Best Vocal Lessons in Singapore

The experience, expertise, and theoretical and practical grounding of the teachers should be your top consideration when selecting vocal lessons in Singapore, as it can make a big difference in the outcome. It is also important to keep in mind that excellence requires time, dedication, and practice. Consistency is the key. So before you commit, ensure that you have the required resources to dedicate to regular lessons. If you are unsure whether singing lessons are right for you, you can start by trying a few lessons and see how you feel before committing to a full course of study. Xin Yue Music Studio offers a comprehensive range of vocal lessons for beginners as well as professionals – we even offer musical theatre singing lessons and with the help of our expert vocal trainers,  you will be singing like a professional in no time! Contact us today.



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