I had an incredible time learning guitar with teacher Sumin. I started out when I was very young, so I grew up with it. Sometimes I felt lazy and didn’t want to practice. But teacher Sumin made me feel very comfortable with playing the guitar. She was an incredible teacher and I never would have felt the same way about guitar if she hadn’t taught me.

-Student Brendan Wirawan

Teacher Sumin taught me for several years and helped me hone my fundamental skills, by introducing me to a variety of musical genres on the acoustic guitar such as Spanish music, finger-style, old classic songs and modern pop songs. She has helped me develop my playing technique over the years with exercises and scales as well as providing opportunities for performances which has allowed me to build my confidence and continue playing to the best of my ability. Thank you for guiding me in my guitar journey all these years 🙂

-Student Nikita Pateloo

Teacher Sumin has been a very positive influence on my daughter Tani. Her love for the string instruments starting with Ukulele and then Guitar is almost solely due to Ms Sumin’s encouragement. She also instilled confidence in her to perform and this went a long way to make my daughter a disciplined music student. We are extremely grateful for her patience & commitment throughout the past 5+ years in making sure that my child not only learns but also loves music. She is the best you can ask for particularly when your child is starting their musical journey

-Mrs Roy, Parent of Tanishka Roy

I have been learning ukulele from Teacher Sumin for 2.5 years, and have always enjoyed her lessons. She is very passionate about and talented with musical instruments. I always look forward to the ensembles she organises for her students. I am very happy to be learning from her.

-Student Aidan Seah ,11 years old

Teacher Sumin is a awesome teacher! She hosts many performances so her students can bond. She puts in a lot of effort into her job. She truly is amazing!❤ ❤

-Student Cayleigh Chong

My child enjoyed her lessons with Teacher Sumin for the past three years or so. From being a quiet student, Farwizah has developed her confidence through the constant guidance by Teacher Sumin. She has since performed in recitals and ensembles overseen by Teacher Sumin. Thank you.

-Naz, Parent of Farwizah

Teacher Sumin is a very dedicated teacher. She spent time and efforts to inspire Kenneth’s interests in Music rather than just focusing on delivering a class. She taught Kenneth to appreciate music, rhythms and the delicacy behind the music. Her obvious passion about music and arts is motivating and has helped Kenneth to develop his interest and make good progress over last few years. She also developed his self confidence to perform in front of the crowd and team work attitude when he played in ensembles. We are grateful that Kenneth is given an opportunity to learn under her mentorship.

-Georgina Lim, Parent of Kenneth Koh

My daughter, Ashley has been taking ukulele lessons with Sumin for almost 3 years. Teacher Sumin showed a lot of patience and guidance to Ashley. She always so encouraging and uplift Ashley to play better and with confidence.

-Mrs Yee, Parent of Ashley Yee

Teacher Sumin is one of a kind. Where else will you find your teacher is also the author of the music books used in most music schools? Both my son and myself are learning with her, and we find she gives us a strong foundation in guitar.

-Lee Hui Ying, Parent of Ashwin Venkatesh

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