Beginner to advanced

Age from 5 years old and above

Music solfege singing, notation or TAB reading, rhythms and chords study.

Mainly focus on singing and strumming

Fingerstyle technique (for advanced level)

Develop ensemble skills (optional once-a-month ensemble lesson)

Performance skill

Optional - Instructions on how to produce a music video recording

Why Choose Xin Yue Music Studio?

Are you thinking about signing your kids up for a ukulele Singapore class to teach them how to play the instrument? Xin Yue Music Studio has the perfect course for you to ease your child into learning the instrument. Our instructors are patient and kind and will work with your child in an encouraging manner until they can play the instrument with ease. Contact us and sign up for our ukulele classes in Singapore today!

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a child learn the ukulele?

There is no specific age at which children can start ukulele classes in Singapore. Some children may be able to start learning the instrument at a very young age, while others may only be ready once they are older. In general, it’s a good idea to wait until a child is at least five or six years old before introducing them to the ukulele in Singapore, as they are more likely to have the fine motor skills and attention span necessary to learn an instrument at this age. Meanwhile, you could introduce them to Ukulele Monsters Book 1 & 2, which is an introduction to ukulele for young children with the concept of solfege singing. (This book comes with creative illustrations which can inspire children to learn the ukulele)

Is ukulele easy to learn for kids?

The ukulele can be an easy instrument for kids to learn, particularly if they are interested in music and are motivated to practice. The ukulele is smaller and has fewer strings than many other instruments, which means it is easier for young children to hold and play. Since the ukulele has a relatively simple strumming pattern and a limited number of chords, this makes it easier for children to learn basic songs.

Can a 4-year-old play the ukulele?

Although it is possible for a 4-year-old to begin learning the ukulele, they could find it more difficult than older kids or adults. The ukulele requires fine motor skills and coordination to hold and play, and 4-year-olds may not have fully developed these skills. While the ukulele has a limited number of strings and chords, it still requires some fingerpicking and chord changes that may be difficult for them to manage.

Can a 3-year-old learn ukulele?

Three-year-olds may have trouble learning the ukulele since the instrument requires certain skills and coordination that may not be fully developed at this age. Moreover, a 3-year-old may be unable to master fingerpicking and chord change techniques when playing the ukulele. 

However, every child is different, and some 3-year-olds may be more ready to start learning the ukulele than others. If your 3-year-old is interested in music and shows a willingness to learn and practice, they may be able to start learning the ukulele with the help of a patient and supportive instructor. It’s a good idea to start with a child-sized instrument and to keep the lessons fun and engaging. You can also consider hiring a private ukulele teacher or enrolling your child in a group ukulele class for kids to help them learn.

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