Age from 5 years and above

Basic vocal technique/control

Discover basic elements in singing

Identify voice quality and type

Vocal positioning and parts

Learn to sing your favourite songs

Pop, folks, jazz, musical theatre

Develop your confidence through stage experience

Why Choose Xin Yue Music Studio?

If your dream is to become a recognised singer – or if you simply just want to fine-tune your voice – Xin Yue Music Studio can help you achieve your goals. We even offer musical theatre singing lessons for those that dream of becoming broadway stars one day. Our studio only offers the best vocal lessons in Singapore, so reach out to us today to kickstart your musical journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting vocal lessons?

Vocal lessons in Singapore can significantly improve your singing skills and increase your vocal range. They can also help you learn proper technique and develop good vocal habits, which can help prevent vocal strain and damage. Whether or not vocal lessons are worth it for you will depend on your goals and the amount of time and money you are willing to invest. If you are serious about singing and want to improve your skills, then singing lessons in Singapore are definitely worth considering. Ultimately, the decision to attend a singing school in Singapore is a personal one and will depend on your individual circumstances and goals.

Where can I learn to sing in Singapore?

Depending on your objectives, goals and what feels most comfortable to you, there are many different ways to learn to sing in Singapore.

You could opt for private singing lessons in Singapore at Xin Yue Music Studio: this is a good option if you want personalised attention and feedback from our professional vocal instructors. Group singing classes are another option we offer: these classes are typically less expensive than private lessons and can be a fun way to learn to sing with others. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important to be patient and consistent in your practice, as learning to sing takes time and dedication.

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